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Product introduction

What is a ceramic roll?

Our ceramic rolls are used to grind or process printed boards for mobile phones, PCs, digital cameras and etc. They bring fine, smooth finishing on the board. 
In terms of grinding printed boards, our ceramic rolls of cutting-edge abrasive material have higher grinding performance, comparing to conventional non-woven fabric.
Today our ceramic rolls are used not only for grinding printed board but also for various productions.

Features of the ceramic roll

Our ceramic rolls have following features and advantages in comparison to conventional grinding material.
・ Remarkable grinding force
・ Enables faster line speed
・ No clogging
・ Homogenous abrasive surface
・ No big grinding sludge and hardly stuffed at small holes.

Multiple uses of the ceramic roll

・ Printed Circuit Board
・ Stainless median plate for PCB production
・ Automotive parts such as clutch discs
・ Ceramic substrate, setter board

Printed Circuit Board

Followings are major uses of ceramic rolls for printed boards.
・ Remove plugging ink (UV cure, thermoset, metallic paste)
Our ceramic rolls are used to grind and remove big projections and hard ink with higher abrasive performance comparing to the conventional methods.
No clogging occurs during production regardless of the hole size.  Smooth finishing of ink surface is expected to come out.
It is effective for the metallic paste ink as well.
・ Remove burr after drilling
・ Scrubbing after Cu plating with high leveling quality
・ Remove prepreg resin after IVH board press
・ Leveling on resin surface of the board
・ Leveling on active boards and height of plating bump

Our ceramic rolls are used to remove bumps and make surface flat.
No damage from grinding even on thin Cu patternings.

Stainless middle plate

It is used for Stainless middle plate in the following case.
・ Remove resin attached to the surface
・ Reduction of deep sctraches, and remove burr caused by scratches

Automotive parts such as clutch discs

・ De-burring after fine-blanking
・ Improve roughness on metal parts surface
Our ceramic rolls are used to remove burrs on clutch discs and other fine blanking components. 

Ceramic substrate, setter board

・ Remove powder on ceramic boards
・ Remove burr after laser drilling
・ Remove powder on setter boards (dry process) (dry process)
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